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Rooms of the Abyss is a shareware game created by myself, Martin Binder, and my friend Damon Lichtenwalner.  It has been so long since Rooms of the Abyss was released as shareware (1992) that I thought I would make the registered version available to the public for free.

Rooms of the Abyss Game Screen
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Please feel free to navigate the links to the left to learn more about Rooms of the Abyss, and download the registered version if you wish.  Just keep in mind the requirements and recommended hardware:

Game Requirements: VGA graphics, 512K of RAM.

      Recommended: Hard Drive, 12Mhz or better.

That takes you back, doesn't it? :)  Although it plays pretty well with the keyboard, the mouse support is a little weird on fast machines.  You may want to invest in a program that slows down your CPU when playing it.

If you have any comments, please email them to rooms@softwarebymartin.com.  Well, enough chit-chat.  Enjoy the game!

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