Key features of the WallCalendar component include:

  • Support for Delphi 3-7
  • Calendar navigation header which includes Windows-style month
     combo box, year spin edit, and buttons to increase and decrease
     the date
  • User can hide the Calendar navigation header to create a custom control interface
  • Calendar day cells can be customized to any height and width, or auto-sized to adjust to the size of the calendar
  • Supports background bitmaps for each month, with the ability to stretch bitmaps to fit the entire calendar area
  • User can override the month and day of the week names to support international languages
  • Starting day of the week can be changed to support international calendars
  • Cell messages, background color and text color can be defined for the whole calendar area, or individually by each cell
  • Calendar specific events to easily control navigation
  • Ability to enter text messages for each calendar day
  • Ability to control the font for cell text, days of week and navigation sections
  • Ability to show days for the previous and next calendar months, and the ability to control the color of these "extra" days
  • Ability to retain the selected day when navigating the calendar
  • Ability to customize the navigation interface with captions, glyphs and buttons for increasing and decreasing the calendar month and year
  • Ability to show the date in the calendar hint, and control how that date is displayed
  • Ability to align the day number and text for each cell on the calendar
  • Demo program with source included to demonstrate major capabilities
  • HTML-based help (Delphi IDE-installable help file available on registration)
  • All registrants receive free updates and a context-sensitive help file.  Source code is also available for an additional $5.00 US.